Africa Hospice Initiative

ZimSculpt to Support Island Hospice

  • ZimSculpt, curators of Zimbabwean sculpture worldwide, has adopted Island Hospice and Healthcare in Zimbabwe as their charity. A percentage of their online sales will be donated each quarter to Island Hospice and Healthcare. ZimSculpt have been promoting Zimbabwean sculptors since the year 2000. To read more Click here.

2014 Fund-Raising Reception a Success

The AHI Advisory Board thanks the volunteers, Sponsors, donors, and attendees for the recent successful Event that raised over $26,000 for the Africa Hospice Initiative. A special thanks to Connie Raffa and the Arent Fox Law Firm for hosting the reception. Read more …

Recent Grants

$40,000 has been granted from both the Oak Foundation and the AJ Jochnick Foundation. Both represent the third consecutive year of granting to Island Hospice. The Oak Foundation funds specific palliative care activities in the large urban district of Chitungwiza, and the AF Jochnick Foundation grant support pediatric palliative care services for children.

Palliative Care as a Human Right: The Facts

generations2 The care of people with life-limiting illnesses up to and including their death is a universal challenge. The skills, humanity, and resources of all nations are tested. Whether people die in affluence or poverty, amidst sophisticated medical technology or relying on the most basic care, our common needs as human beings are universal: comfort, dignity, and love. The modern palliative care movement has grown in response to that universal challenge. How that care is provided, and what resources are brought to its fulfillment, vary enormously around the world. For more details please click here (pdf): palliative-care-human-right-20110524

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Words cannot express how urgent and significant this work is. Thousands of very sick people will benefit; and it is our vision that the leveraged long term impact of our donations and our volunteer work will be truly extensive. Thanks for being part of our friends group as we explore and expand, in our own singular way, the future of hospice and palliative care in our world today.

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